Marvel’s Avengers’ E3 Demo Leaks [VIDEO]

Even though Square Enix wanted to publish the E3 demo’s video of Crystal Dynamics‘ and Eidos Montreal‘s game, Marvel’s Avengers, it’s already leaked, so we can see what the publisher showed behind closed doors at the E3.

Of course, the recording is not a direct feed, which means it’s not the best quality, as it was recorded with a mobile phone. Also, its ending is missing, but we can already see what people could see either at E3 or San Diego Comic-Con. The video is nearly seven minutes long, and in it, we see Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Widow on the Golden Gate Bridge fighting heavily armed mercenaries. Each character gets a turn to shine, and we get to see three of the four characters, as Black Widow is missing (perhaps the video’s recorder would have been caught if they kept recording).

„[The quick-time events, QTEs] are much more prevalent [in the E3 demo] than they are anywhere else in the game. This is an opening sequence. And we use in some cases what looks like a quick time event to train the player. So in the case where we see Thor smash down in the opening of the level, we’re introducing you to those heavy attack buttons, and then onboarding you with that. And generally, there are a few exotic moments where you may have to express the effort of the hero or something like that. But it isn’t a core part of our gameplay, and it’s one that we don’t want to overuse,” Noah Hughes, Marvel’s Avengers’ creative director, said about the QTEs, which got into mainstream games with 2005’s Resident Evil 4 on GC and PS2 that year. (Remember the Jack Krauser scene where Leon had to dodge the knife with QTEs. Pretty sure many of you have died at least once during that confrontation.)

The E3 demo video’s direct feed will be published by Square Enix in late August after Gamescom. Marvel’s Avengers is out on May 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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