Batman: Ben Affleck was preparing a movie about Arkham Asylum

MOVIE NEWS – Ben Affleck‘s director of the Batman solo film Robert Richardson gave some clues as to what the scenario of the failed project would have looked like.

What would have been Ben Affleck’s solo batman? We know a little more! In full podcast to promote Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, the director of photography Robert Richardson opened to Happy Sad Confused about the solo film The Batman that he had to put in image for actor-director Ben Affleck:

“[Affleck] was going to plunge into the” madness. “So I think you would have seen something darker than what we’ve seen in the past and focused on the individual behind Batman-which is could be healthy at home, which might not be so, so he was getting in Arkham, which is, as you know, the place where we lock up those who were wicked, those who twisted and Batman And all this aspect was pushed, it was fascinating to go to the dark side of Batman “.

Richardson also states that this scenario was not successful:

„There was a scenario, but he was not liked. There was a lot to do … [Affleck] was trying to change it but eventually he made the decision to go shoot Gone Girl.”

Ben Affleck had gone from writing and directing to finally relinquishing the role of Bruce Wayne. Now The Batman is in the hands of Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, The Planet of the Apes) and Ben Affleck replaced by Robert Pattinson. That does not mean that Matt Reeves’s movie will not exploit the Arkham Asylum, but if he wanted to stand out from Ben Affleck’s screenplay, then there’s a chance we will not see everything from The hospital regularly hosts the Joker, Double-Face or Killer Croc.

Source: Movieweb


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