SNK Is Preparing For A New Hardware Announcement! Is A New Neo Geo Coming?

Wow, SNK is up to something…

The SNK name’s return wasn’t just in the name (it happened shortly before the launch of King of Fighters XIV – their previous name was not SNK but SNK Playmore…). No, we’re not thinking about the Neo Geo Mini, which follows the example of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic (NES Classic, NES Mini…), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic (SNES Classic, SNES Mini…), the PlayStation Classic, the TheC64, the Turbografx Mini or the SEGA Mega Drive Mini: another old console in a minified format on modern hardware. That could just be the beginning.

„A next-gen Neo Geo hardware is coming after Neo Geo Mini. With a modern design and a wonderful play feeling, and you can even link it to Neo Geo Mini, the new hardware will provide you with a Neo Geo journey that you have never experienced,” SNK wrote on Twitter. The Japanese version of the tweet is slightly different: „Following Neo Geo Mini, a new Neo Geo hardware will appear. With a leading-edge design, excellent play feel, and linkability to Neo Geo Mini, it will offer a Neo Geo experience like no other. Details will be announced soon. Please look forward to it.”

It’s potentially teasing the Neo Geo versions 2 and 3 getting a mini format, as SNK was already teasing something with them back in April, meaning SNK might follow Nintendo’s example and release multiple mini consoles. However, SNK had a different approach than Nintendo or SEGA: their Neo Geo was expensive, but they offered effectively the arcade games in home console format, differing from what the SNES and the Genesis offered (especially audiovisually).

Let’s see what company is going to announce. We’re going to find it out shortly.

Source: Gematsu

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