US shoots: Donald Trump blames video games and remains blurred on guns

He also said that the shootings that regularly plague America are a “crime against humanity”.

President Donald Trump condemned on Monday the racist ideology of white supremacism, suspected to be at work in one of the two shootings that plunged the United States this weekend, while avoiding to focus on the fight against firearms.

The Republican billionaire, in an intervention since the White House, preferred to insist on the harmful role that would play according to him Internet in the radicalization of people suffering from mental disorders.

He also described as “crimes against humanity” the two attacks that fueled the litany of tragedies due to individual weapons in a country where they abound. “Our nation must condemn racism, sectarianism, and white supremacism with one voice,” Trump said in a short televised address.

He was speaking after a white man Saturday killed 20 people in a hypermarket in El Paso, a Texas city with a strong Hispanic majority. Another gunman, unknown for the moment, killed nine people in Ohio on Sunday. Donald Trump also called for the “fast” execution of the perpetrators of these shootings.

Video games

“I also order the Ministry of Justice to propose a law guaranteeing that those who commit hate crimes and mass killings are punishable by the death penalty and that the death penalty is implemented quickly, decisively and without delay. years of unnecessary delay, “he said.

“We must stop the idealization of violence in our society,” he insisted, saying it was “too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture celebrating violence” , especially through video games according to him “atrocious and sinister”.

The influence of mental illnesses or video games in triggering carnage by firearms is questioned by many experts.

Epidemiologists believe that the vast majority of people with mental disorders are not violent.

The “responsible” media

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump had the media “greatly” contributing, spreading “fake news,” to “anger and rage” in the United States.

“The media has a great responsibility for the lives and security of our country. The fake news have greatly contributed to the anger and rage that have developed over many years, “he wrote on Twitter, resuming an anti-media speech that has become routine at home. “The news coverage must start to be fair, nuanced and non-partisan, otherwise these terrible problems will only get worse! He exclaimed.

Source: Independent

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