A Complete Resident Evil: Project Resistance Match [VIDEO]

Capcom’s Resident Evil spin-off: Project Resistance isn’t getting a warm response on YouTube at all…

The video is in a split-screen format. What the Mastermind character (who is Daniel at the moment, as he’s the only one announced) sees is visible mostly on the top right corner. He can summon zombies and other enemies, even in front of the survivors as well (if that stays in the retail version of the game, that will be just a little bit annoying…). Meanwhile, the survivors (there are four of them) have to find puzzle pieces and break those bio-cores to open the exit. However, they can die, but all they get as a penalty is that 40 seconds get shaven off the timer. That doesn’t sound like Resident Evil…

The community didn’t accept the game, and we can underline that statement with hard facts – 43567 views aren’t that much in about two days (especially how the video was uploaded to the official Resident Evil account with 255K subscribers…), with only 855 likes against 2035 dislikes. Let’s see a few of the top-rated comments: „What’s the point in this if survivors able to respawn many times?”, „The Mastermind constantly talking and saying the same thing is going to be very annoying.”, „This looks sooo bad. This is Metal Gear Survive levels of cr_p.”, „French Wesker says „one last chance for me to kill you yet.” Mr X kills January, then she respawns – makes sense. (So Mastermind is just a clown to entertain survivors.)”

Project Resistance is getting a closed beta shortly on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (but not on PC – they probably want to avoid seeing the exe, which would likely use Denuvo, get cracked, and then used for the retail version), but the 4v1 asymmetric game has no release date or window yet on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PCGamer

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