Valve Might Enter Cloud Gaming Shortly

After Sony (PlayStation Now), Microsoft (Project xCloud), Google (Stadia), or Electronic Arts (Project Atlas), another major company, Valve might be planning to enter the game streaming market via the cloud – this time, Gabe Newell might be doing it.

SteamDB noticed that Valve could be probably working on a service called Steam Cloud Gaming. They link a Github page in the tweet, which you can see here, and the source code has two quotes that effectively reveal Valve’s plans. We’re going to quote them: „You must agree to the terms in the Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum before continuing,” and „Thank you for signing the latest Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum. Click OK to continue.” It’s suspicious, yes, but it’s not that surprising, given the trends recently (we mentioned the other four competitors for a good reason: PlayStation Now is already available, Google Stadia is launching in just a couple of weeks in the West, Microsoft is already testing Project xCloud, and Electronic Arts is teasing Project Atlas).

Valve already has a free service called Steam Link, which you can find here. This app allows you to stream games from your PC to mobiles, tablets, and televisions, but you need a strong PC to use the service. Steam Cloud Gaming – which hasn’t been announced yet, it is a rumour for now – could be the next level of Steam Link by removing the PC requirement from the equation, making it a direct competitor to Google Stadia, using Steam Link’s technology.

For Steam Link, you need to download the App from Google Play or Apple App Store, then pair your controller. You need Android 5.0+, iOS 11.0+, or tvOS 11.0+ to make it work. A 5 GHz WiFi or a LAN cable connection is also strongly recommended. (You can even run non-Steam games by adding them to your library.)

Source: WCCFTech

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