The story of Diablo IV will be very dark and especially true to the style of the Blizzard classic

There will be more than 100 villages to visit in this spectacular new action and role-playing game, Diablo IV .

The announcement of Diablo IV did not leave anyone indifferent, surprising Blizzard fans with a powerful cinematic and gameplay trailer that showed the darkest and bloodiest tone that bets on this long-awaited action and role-playing game. Precisely, those responsible for the Diablo saga have stressed that the story will be darker and more important than that of its predecessor, recovering the essence of the original deliveries.

“You’ve probably heard a lot about the dark already. But I want to say a few more about it,” said the creative director of Diablo IV: Sebastian Stępień (who previously worked on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 at CD Projekt RED)  in an information panel during the past BlizzCon. “This is something very, very important for us, and the truth is that we are not going to be simply darker,” explains Sebastian Stępień.

It is not about great heroes, nor about politics, kings or any theme of high fantasy. It’s a story about simple people.”We want to bring back those feelings that made Diablo a unique game, and it has nothing to do with the darkness, so this is very, very important for us as it splashes many aspects of the game. ; to every detail of the game, “continues Blizzard’s creative. ” The first thing is the story. We want to create a story more grounded than that of Diablo III. And we believe that the best way to present this story is by giving you the opportunity to discover stories of simple people,” he adds.


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