Do the authors of God of War work in their cancelled science fiction game?

The enigmatic message of Cory Barlog in the social networks has made think of this project of Santa Monica Studio.

In the last hours the director of God of War of PS4 published an enigmatic message on Twitter that for now has not been made sense, but the image of a starry sky and a satellite in space could be related in some way to an old Santa Monica Studio project that ended up being cancelled.

Already when the documentary Raising Kratos was published, the studio talked about this project (from minute 13) based on a new creative license and themed science fiction. In its day it was rumoured that this video game would be written by one of the authors of Battlestar Galactica. ” It was devastating in many ways, ” one creative said when talking about the cancellation of this project. “It was a difficult time.”

After this cancelled game the team embarked on the development of the great God of War on PS4, which is expected to continue on PlayStation 5, but perhaps Santa Monica Studio has also recovered this project from oblivion. It remains to wait to know the meaning of the mysterious message of Cory Barlog.

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