Halo: Reach sees its launch date filtered on PC and Xbox One a few hours from the X019

Users of the Microsoft console could enjoy the Bungie classic at the end of the Inside Xbox.

The announcement that Halo: Reach would be available in The Master Chief Collection by the end of the year touched the fibre of more than one follower of Microsoft’s acclaimed and veteran space action saga. But when will it arrive exactly? According to its purchase form from the Redmond company Store, its launch on Xbox One could be imminent while PC users would play it on December 3.

The information, we repeat, comes from the same Microsoft Store, where someone, perhaps by mistake, moved the release date of the game of Bungie on console at 22:00 today, just at the end of the Inside Xbox scheduled for tonight. At the moment there has been no announcement as such by the editor. Halo: Reach, remember, promises to run on both computer and Xbox One X at 4K and 60 FPS.

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