Microsoft confirms that Xbox Scarlett will not be in the X019: “2020 will be the year of Project Scarlett”

The company will focus on video games in the coming months. There will be news from Obsidian and Rare.

One of the main chief of the Microsoft games division, Aaron Greenberg, has confirmed on his personal Twitter account that the new generation of the American firm, Xbox Scarlett, will not be in the X019 event. When asked by a user, Greenberg has clarified that 2020 will be “the year of Project Scarlett; the X019 is about video games .”

The presence of Xbox Scarlett in British lands, in any case, was not confirmed by Microsoft in any of its channels; of the various data revealed in recent days about the London event, Scarlett was never mentioned among the plans. What has been revealed in recent hours is that Rare and Obsidian will present two new video games.

The X019 is celebrated today in London. Do not hesitate to continue with theGeek all the latest news from Microsoft.

„Yes, London. You know- Fish, Chips, Cup o’ tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary ****ing Poppins, LONDON!” (Snatch)

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