Darth Revan Is Now Part Of The Star Wars Canon

MOVIE NEWS – A character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now officially part of the Star Wars lore.

Before we move any further, let’s get the obligatory warning out of the way, as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is going to be mentioned in the next couple of paragraphs, so continue reading at your risk; we warned you.

So ScreenRant reports that the official Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary reveals that each legion of Emperor Palpatine’s Sith Troopers (with one legion having five thousand members each), which are part of his Final Order, are all named after an ancient Sith Lord. And one of these legions is called The 3rd: Revan Legion – which confirms that Darth Revan was previously a Sith Lord, and is now in the official canon of Star Wars. The Visual Dictionary says „only the Sith Eternal cultists know the significance” of the ancient Sith Lords’ names, and because of this open door, we have to ask the question: is Lucasfilm (or, let’s be frank, Disney…) planning to create a Knights of the Old Republic film? They love to make a new Star Wars movie every year nowadays…

Other Sith Lord names were mentioned, too: Andeddu, Tanis, Tenebrous, Phobos, and Desolous also had Sith Trooper legions named after them, and Darth Phobos and Desolous both appeared in The Force Unleashed games.

Remember, previously, the Hammerhead-class cruiser from Knights of the Old Republic played a pivotal role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so Darth Revan is not the first crossover into the recent films.

BioWare (who is now working on revamping Anthem, as well as the next-gen Dragon Age, plus maybe a new Mass Effect) thus has its work recognized in the Star Wars universe proper.

Source: IGN

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