Doom Eternal: The Difficulty Levels Will Be More Clear

After 2016’s Doom, Doom Eternal is going to handle the difficulty levels’ differences in a much more clear fashion.

„The way enemies behaved [in Doom 2016] changed kind of dramatically from difficulty to difficulty. They actually got more accurate. What was frustrating is that it was kind of like learning a new combat dance… the fireball distance and the way that I learned to dodge it… different rules,” Hugo Martin, the game’s creative director, told GameSpot. It means there was a re-learning factor, which isn’t a good thing in an FPS, and especially not in a fast-paced one.

„[In Doom Eternal,] on easy, they’re going to throw a lot of jabs and take turns like, ‘throw your jab, then I’ll throw mine. Now one of us gets to throw a haymaker. On Nightmare, everybody’s throwing haymakers nonstop. The question is not knowing what to do, it’s just mastering how to do it. As we scale down… the two guiding principles were the number of decisions we ask players to make per minute, and then the number of mistakes they’re allowed to make per minute. It’s going to make all players, skilled and unskilled, play Doom the right way because we’re betting that it’s going to make for a more engaging experience,” he continued.

Doom Eternal will tune its variables (such as ammo, weapon damage, number of enemies, and so on) in a way that we will be pushed towards managing our resources considerably. (Especially on the permadeath Ultra Nightmare, which will make its glorious return.)

id Software‘s Doom Eternal, which will be the first game to use the id Tech 7 engine, will launch on March 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. The Nintendo Switch port comes at a later, unknown date, but it is „not that far behind.” As with the 2016 Doom’s Switch port, it is being handled by Panic Button.

Source: GameSpot

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