No Uncharted This Year Either!

MOVIE NEWS – Sony‘s Uncharted plans ran into another bump: Nathan Drake won’t have a chance to debut this year either.

Deadline says Uncharted was planned to debut in the cinemas on December 18. (Even with the directors getting constantly replaced?) No, instead, Sony wants to release the film later: now, the PLAN is to premiere it on March 5, 2021. (It’s hard to believe in the movie at this point if half a dozen directors jumped out of the project that was announced by Sony more than A DECADE ago!)

The script has been done for three years. At least that needs no more work (unless there’s another scrap and restart on this front, too – it wouldn’t be surprising), and the two main actors continue to stay on board. Tom Holland will still be the young Nathan Drake (but he is also committed to the Spider-Man movies; the newest one will be shot this summer, and he’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man), and Mark Wahlberg will be Sully, Drake’s friend and mentor. We have no idea about the other actors yet – Sony might have not even cast them yet…

The new director is unknown yet, but Sony has been said to eye Reuben Fleischer, who previously brought Venom to the big screen for Sony. He might be the director that could do that the previous six couldn’t. Yet, his situation doesn’t look rosy. Aside from shooting, there’s also the special, visual effects that need to be done, and a year might not be enough, so we’re suspecting another delay IF the film even gets going.

We have good reasons why we call Uncharted the Duke Nukem Forever of films. It gets being made, and then it ends up as somewhat of a disappointment upon launch. This film is nowhere even close to being completed yet!

Source: WCCFTech

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