Tales From The Borderlands 2: Another Sequel Coming From New Telltale?

Aside from The Wolf Among Us 2, there’s a chance that another sequel might be in the works at Telltale that died and got revived.

Telltale Games has fallen apart in the Autumn of 2018, but LCG Entertainment has restarted the company in August after acquiring most of the licenses. Until now, we have only seen them releasing the Shadows Edition of the first two seasons of Telltale’s Batman games, which were not much more than a noir filter on both seasons that they sold for money.

But it could be a cover-up. Apparently, the new Telltale might have three projects! This Reddit post says that aside from The Wolf Among Us’ sequel, they might also be working on Tales From The Borderlands 2, as well as a third instalment in the Poker Night series! The leaker says that all three games are being co-developed by Telltale and AdHoc Studio. (The latter was formed by three ex-Telltale members, namely Nick Herman, Dennis Lenart, and Pierre Shorette.)

Tales From The Borderlands was mostly successful in mixing Gearbox’ cel-shaded art style with Telltale’s episodic storytelling, but there were two issues: one, it wasn’t a commercial success, and two, its finale came out the same day as Life is Strange’s! (October 20, 2015.) Life is Strange was better, but since then, nearly half a decade has passed, and Dontnod has since released LiS’ sequel, although with different protagonists. Poker Night 3 could be renamed, too – whatever its name will be, we’re curious to see who will play some poker with us. (The series was known for its mash-up of characters seen in other Telltale titles. There were a few guests, too, such as GLaDOS.)

The post also mentioned The Wolf Among Us 2. Its pre-production work is mostly complete, and at the moment, Telltale is waiting for AdHoc to get the story done. Until then, they might be doing Poker Night 3 as a project to keep the team busy.

We’d mention that all this is unconfirmed for now, so take it with a grain of salt. Tales From The Borderlands 2 could make sense, though: Gearbox recently released Borderlands 3, and they wouldn’t say no to a sequel (after all, it’d get them some cash, too).

Source: WCCFTech

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