PlayStation sets the date for the presentation of the technical specifications of PS5

Sony will unveil the architecture of the new PlayStation with Mark Cerny as manager.

A few hours after Microsoft released the technical specifications for the Xbox Series X , Sony has announced that very soon we will also have all the technical information regarding the PlayStation 5 , by the main responsible for the architecture of the console, Mark Cerny , who It seems it will also offer details on PS5 video games.

The appointment will be at 17:00 (Madrid time) / 10:00 (CDMX time) on Wednesday March 18, and the event can be followed on channels PlayStation officials, with Marcy Cerny offering “a deep look at the architecture of PS5, and how it will shape the future of video games .” No further details on the characteristics of the event have been shared, so all information about it is left to mere speculation.

To date little is known about the technical power of the PlayStation 5, which gave its first details in April 2019. Since then, new dropper solutions have been offered, which we will talk about in our special The 6 things you need to know to be at the PS5 day , while some creatives showed very positive opinions about the machine.

One of the unknowns is also related to the PlayStation 5 controller . What new features will it incorporate? Will there be major changes? To date we have only had leaks, rumors and patents that generate more doubts than answers, so Sony could well take advantage of this event to resolve these questions.

From PlayStation Japan have confirmed that this presentation will show content that was originally scheduled for the GDC 2020 that was postponed . Therefore it would delve into technical issues of the platform.

Big companies like EA have also taken advantage of the last few months to praise the technical potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X , although they have not gone into more details either. It is only a matter of waiting a few hours to discover the news that Sony has guarded with so much suspicion during all these months.

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