DOOM Eternal Prey Sequel Easter Egg?

It seems that a DOOM eternal Prey Sequel Easter Egg is hiding somewhere in the game…

DOOM Eternal was launched last week and since then it has continued to be on the players’ lips and to reap great numbers: it has managed to gather more than 100,000 simultaneous players in a few days, a milestone for the Bethesda title. Besides, another reason why it is gaining fame is for its numerous Easter eggs that pay tribute to video games and pop culture titles, but one species has drawn attention for its reference to Prey 2.

In the game, there is a book carefully placed on a shelf, along with others, but on its spine, you can read “2 Prey or Not 2 Prey”, a fun dilemma about the continuity of the saga reborn in 2017, so it truly seems like a DOOM eternal Prey Sequel Easter Egg. Indeed, For some fans this It is a clear statement of intent because, although the title was somewhat undervalued, its reception was good.

Others, on the other hand, are not so daring with the idea of ​​having Prey 2 available soon, they opted for it is simply another reference among the many found in the game, such as the from Fallout. However, none of these Easter Eggs is as clear and challenging as the one in the questioned title

At the moment, Bethesda and Arkane Studios, creators of the also well-known Dishonored saga, have not spoken out against all these speculations and probably will not. But it is important to remember that a few months ago Bethesda bought the authors of the original Prey; a team from Human Head Studios that closed its doors shortly after the release of Rune 2, and that in the past has already worked on a promising Prey 2 that was cancelled.

Meanwhile, we leave you with the evolution that DOOM has undergone over the years, from its launch in 1993 to the present.

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