First images and trailer of Mortal Shell, a dark RPG inspired by Dark Souls

Incredible graphics and an aesthetic reminiscent of FromSoftware, this is how the work of Cold Symmetry is presented.

Lovers of the Dark Souls or Bloodborne saga are in luck, since Cold Symmetry has announced Mortal Shell, a role-playing and action video game inspired by the FromSoftware titles and with a truly amazing aesthetic. It is the formerly known as Dungeon Heaven, during its beginnings in development.

The team in charge of this work is made up of 15 industry veterans who have worked in some of the best known AAA franchises. Its main setting will be based on a world that has been destroyed and in which humanity is a withered species. The so-called “Dark Father” is venerated in sanctuaries hidden by mysterious faithful on whom the main plot revolves. “Mortal Shell is an intense and ruthless RPG and action game that will test your sanity and endurance in a ravaged world,” says its official description. “As humanity’s last spoils wither and rot, hordes of devout foes await among the ruins. Your adversaries know no mercy: to survive, you will need to sharpen your attention, precision, and instincts to the fullest. Locate the hidden shrines. of devotees and find out what your true mission is. ”

Mortal Shell will arrive for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (through Steam) throughout the third quarter of 2020. Its aesthetics and charisma have managed to surprise the public, whom this announcement has caught by surprise. FromSoftware video games have inspired many subsequent works, but why is their story still a mystery? Our colleague Adrián Suárez explains it to you in his report on the narrative of Japanese video games.

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