How Would Resident Evil Run On RE4’s Engine? The Answer: Resident Evil Remix [VIDEO]

The first Resident Evil (which was originally titled Biohazard in Japan and the franchise still uses that name in that region) was important to spread the survival horror genre.

The original Resident Evil could be looking quite ugly by today’s standards on the original PlayStation or the SEGA Saturn, and the tank controls might not be suitable for you, but back then, all this was revolutionary. Shinji Mikami has laid the groundworks at Capcom for an IP that is still going strong today, with the 8th numbered instalment allegedly launching next year (we wrote about the new rumours yesterday).

Now imagine that on the Resident Evil 4 engine. RE4 has been redesigned a couple of times during its development (one of the earlier concepts was reworked by Hideki Kamiya into Devil May Cry), but in 2005, it launched on GameCube, followed by essentially every single platform that was released since. Nowadays, rumours say that Leon’s European adventures might be getting a remake.

Mixing Resident Evil 1 and 4 results in Resident Evil Remix. In it, the Spencer Mansion is moved to Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition’s engine, and the mod is nearly ready, too. It’s a quite solid idea: the over-the-shoulder camera angle, the modernised controls both give a new feel to the first RE, but there are some changes: the items have been moved around a bit, the inventory system is from RE4, the boxes and plants can be knifed, and the quest items (as well as the ink ribbons) do not take space in your inventory. Also, you can upgrade your weapons.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 4 HD Project is also in development (it’s another fan project – unlike Nintendo, Capcom doesn’t tend to C&D these ideas…), so Resident Evil 4, which is available on nearly everything, still gets attention to this day. All it needs is a toaster or a washing machine port.

Source: PCGamer

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