Prince Of Persia 6: Was It All Just A Hoax?

Everything started with the registration of a domain, and now, we’re back at square one.

Previously, we talked about how Ubisoft has registered the domain and that it was using the French company’s DNS servers, making it look like Yves Guillemot’s company is indeed behind the registration. It looked plausible because Ubisoft plans to release a new, unannounced title from one of their long-running series by the end of March 2021 (this fiscal year). It seemed logical that it could be Prince of Persia but now, we can ditch it altogether.

WCCFTech has this image below.

It says that it was all fake, and someone wants to earn good money on selling the domain, and we can read on the image above that the domain has been shared on social media and several websites, resulting in more than 15 thousand results in Google. However, we put that image in for a good reason: now, all we see is a 403 unauthorized error on the webpage if we visit it. Was the domain already sold? We have no clue at this point.

Now we’re in the same place as we were two weeks ago, as that’s when this domain got registered. This is why we use a question mark in the title – the French company will likely not say a single word about their plans until their E3 replacement event in July (where we will likely see new gameplay of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla), even though there were rumours about a Prince of Persia trilogy remake.

Imagine if the Turkish lead was just misleading us and it’s Ubisoft’s doing, while they indeed work on a new Prince of Persia game. We might be overthinking this, though, and it could be nothing more than a hoax. Also, perhaps it’s better if Prince of Persia is left behind: Beyond Good & Evil’s revival also seems far different than what we imagined it could be.

Source: WCCFTech

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