Intel Core i9-10900K: Intel’s New CPU Hits New Record Speed [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – The 10-core Intel CPU, which is built on the Comet Lake architecture, hit a new record, and the RAM has also seen new heights.

Intel’s Core i9 CPU family is the high-end solution nowadays, and its currently available newest model, the i9-10900K, has hit a clock speed that we can still hardly believe. Elmor, who happens to be Asus’ in-house overclocking expert, hit 7.7 GHz on all ten cores. To make it more exact: he reached 7703 MHz. The previous record wasn’t that far: DerBauer stayed close to it – the other popular overclocker has reached 7.6 GHz (7613 MHz) with Intel’s Core i9-9900K CPU, although he pulled it off on two fewer cores due to this processor having only eight of them.

WCCFTech reports that Elmor’s liquid helium overclocking solution was made possible by putting the i9-10900K CPU on an az Asus ROG Maximum XII Apex motherboard at 1.194V. The memory has also hit a new record elsewhere: a Taiwanese overclocker, Bianbao used G.Skill’s 8 GB F4-4000C18-8GTRG stick, which ran on 3332 MHz effective clock speed, hitting 6665 MHz (6.6 GHz). He also used Intel’s Core i9-10900K CPU and Asus’ ROG Maximum XII Apex motherboard.

We have seen faster before, though, but over at AMD, and almost eight years ago. AMF’s FX-8350 CPU has previously reached almost 8.8 GHz. DerBauer used liquid nitrogen to hit 8.1 GHz, but he toned it down to 7.5 GHz to run Cinebench R15. The CPU’s age showed here: it couldn’t keep up with the single-core (!) performance of newer Ryzen CPU-s. Even a Ryzen 5 2600X topped it, and that’s not only an older model, it also isn’t a high-end model either.

It shows that in a CPU, the clock speed doesn’t matter the most. The newer processors have better architectures, and their IPC (instructions per clock) are also higher.

Source: Techradar

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