NetherRealm Studios Working On More Than Just Mortal Kombat And Injustice

Nowadays, it seemed that NetherRealm Studios has been working on these two series, but the studio might be finally doing something else.

Summer Game Fest 2020 is currently happening, and its creator, Geoff Keighley, has interviewed Ed Boon, the head of NetherRealm Studios and the father of Mortal Kombat, in his newest broadcast.

„Mortal Kombat has become like a staple thing, almost Marvel-like. You don’t expect the last Marvel movie to ever come out, they’re just gonna keep coming. Even though we’ve been able to scratch other itches, you know doing Injustice games and stuff, and we have other stuff in the oven, but it’s always nice to do the Mortal Kombat games. Especially when the players have been embracing them as they have. If you would have told me that this would be our, so far fastest-selling Mortal Kombat games of all of them, 20 something years later, I wouldn’t have believed it. The fact that they’re doing as well as they ever have is great,” Boon said.

As always, we have to add that praising Mortal Kombat 11‘s sales is pointless: the gaming industry keeps growing – therefore, the sales are also continuing to increase, so it’s not the best idea to keep track of the speed of sales.

We have no idea what NetherRealm could be doing, but since we’re talking about a Warner studio, we could find out what they are up to you. There are not a lot of options, and outside Mortal Kombat and Injustice, they have only worked on mobile games (these, to be exact: Batman: Arkham City Lockdown – 2011, Android, iOS; Batman: Arkham Origins – 2013, Android, iOS; WWE Immortals – 2015, Android, iOS).

If it’s not a mobile game, it could be a next-gen (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC) project. They could be sticking to the DC universe, and then, they could be doing something from Superman, for example. It would be refreshing for the developers, too.

Source: PSU

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