Hideo Kojima: The Next Big Project Fell Apart; Death Stranding Is Profitable

Something fell apart behind the scenes for Hideo Kojima.

Livedoor News, a Japanese publication, has interviewed the genius, and we have three relevant questions and answers. The first question is simple: „How did Death Stranding perform sales-wise?” Here’s Kojima’s response: „We surpassed the amount we needed to make a profit, so I think it sold well enough to be called a ‘success,’ recoupment of development costs included. We’ll release the PC version soon and have already secured enough profit to prepare for what’s next, so there’s no need to worry.” The PC version has been delayed a bit, and we previously wrote about the delay.

The second question: „To prepare for what’s next…?” Here’s what Kojima had to say: „I can’t say anything since it’s still in the planning stages, but we’re doing various work behind the scenes. Just recently, a big project fell apart, so I’m a bit upset about that (laughs). Well, that sort of thing happens often in this industry.”

We suspect that this big project was related to Silent Hill. A few months ago, Kojima Productions tweeted a few images that seemed to hint at Konami’s IP, but since then, we heard rumours of Sony working on a PlayStation 5-exclusive soft reboot of Silent Hill. It could be revealed on the June 4 PlayStation 5 event… And this new game is about 3-4 years away, and it could still be a horror title.

The third question is to the point: „Do you know anything about recent rumours to acquire the copyrights to Metal Gear Solid and P.T.?” The answer is just as straightforward: „Ah, that’s completely false. I haven’t heard anything about it at least (laughs).” Of course, that is not going to happen: Metal Gear is one of the biggest Konami IPs, and they will not let it go that easily.

Death Stranding, complete with Denuvo, will launch on July 14 on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Source: Gematsu

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