Silent Hill’s Famous Composer Reimagined God Of War’s Theme [VIDEO]

It came out of nowhere: Akira Yamaoka, who played a pivotal role in most of the Silent Hill games’ ambience with his soundtracks, has made a reinterpretation of a song heard in Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica’s game.

Akira Yamaoka was one of the pillars of Team Silent – without him, Konami’s survival horror IP might have not gone as far as it did. (And now, we hear strong rumours about the number one Sony Interactive Entertainment studio, SIE Japan Studio, working on a PlayStation 5-exclusive soft reboot of Silent Hill, with Yamaoka having involvement…) But we heard his work elsewhere, too. Here are a few examples: Sine Mora, or Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer Is Dead, Let It Die (as a music director in all three titles), but we can also mention Shadows of the Damned, or the next game from Bloober Team called The Medium, where his work will be heard alongside Arkadiusz Reikowski. He also reimagined the theme for Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill. So he is anything but bad when it comes to music.

Now, he took Bear McCreary’s music that was heard in the PlayStation 4-exclusive that launched on April 20, 2018. He made a quite powerful guitar cover of the song, with help by Terra Rosa’s Yoshitsugu Imai. The result is pleasant, and even Cory Barlog, the director of God of War, appreciates it. He called it brilliant. We can’t disagree with that comment.

In case you haven’t played God of War before, you can listen to the original composition below as well to see how much Yamaoka made the melodies his own. If you work with music, sometimes you end up decently interpreting someone else’s motive or melody to make it your own, and inspiration shouldn’t be held back.

Source: JVL

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