Halo 3: Initial PC Flight To Lack Some Content

After nearly thirteen years since the Xbox 360 launch, Halo 3 is coming to the PC.

343 Industries has previously said that shortly, in the first half of June, Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s PC version will be expanded by Halo 3, which will receive its first public „flight” (this is the term 343I uses for testing). You can sign up for it here. The goal of the first flight is to test the distribution pipeline, update the Challenges, and to gain feedback.

However, there will be some things missing. There will be new features, though: the updated customization will be available for Halo 3, Forge will be available for players during this flight, the Theatre will be available for use with mouse and keyboard, and the complete Challenge System, including the Challenge Hub screen, will be available for the first time in this flight. Regarding the campaign, Sierra 117, The Storm, The Ark, The Covenant, and Halo missions will be available with options for all difficulty levels, single-player, and co-operative online play. In other words, the campaign will not be entirely available in this flight.

What about multiplayer? The social games will have 4v4, 8p FFA, 12p Infection, 8v8, the competitive modes will include H3 Team Hardcore (4v4), H3 Team Slayer (4v4) H3 Team Doubles (2v2), and these maps will be available: Construct, Guardian, Last Resort, Narrows, Sandtrap, The Pit, Valhalla, Foundry, Standoff, Avalanche, Sandbox, and Heretic.

There will be a ton of options:  you can configure the mouse and keyboard, as well as the gamepad, and the video settings will be aplenty: field-of-view, vehicle field-of-view, gamma, window mode, aspect ratio, resolution scale, V-Sync, HUD anchoring, unified medal display, frame rate limit, and graphics quality… but if that’s not all, the audio settings are also highly customizable: game volume including menu music volume, game music volume, effects volume, voice chat volume. Also, voice chat channel, push-to-talk voice chat, and multiplayer game sounds. You can also change the crosshair position, show invite notifications, modify the enemy player name colour, or the multiplayer game timer. Accessibility? Subtitles, changing language, TTS and STT (speech-to-text) conversion.

One word: transparent. Let’s hope Halo 3’s port will not be buggy. Not a lot of people would appreciate that.

Source: VG247

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