Rumors Around A Possible Remaster Of The Mass Effect Trilogy

There have been fresh rumors about the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster, namely through Reddit from a man who claims to be an employee of EA, namely as a tester. Receive this news with some healthy skepticism because some of it seems almost too good to be true.

Remaster details: significant graphical and gameplay changes, cut content

If we can believe the post, it will be a major innovation in all three games’ revamped versions to try and bring them closer to Andromeda’s fluid gameplay. And that’s not all, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will undergo a complete graphics overhaul.

We will also get scenes previously cut with extra quests, for example in the first part we will learn about Saren’s background story through cutscenes. In terms of DLC, Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station will all be part of the base game, while ME2 will come with all of its DLCs, as will Mass Effect 3.

Wait, there’s more: all three titles will be ported to Frostbite Engine and the release date will be announced on this year’s N7 (November 7th). Since the project has been in the pipeline since 2017, BioWare has not been able to fully commit to the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster until Anthem was released in early 2019.

Let’s see what else we can expect to see in each games’ Remaster:


  • The planet exploration from ME1 has been changed to be more in line with ME3 planet scanning. However there are still a few planets to land on. Do not expect Andromeda size open worlds. I would say every planet combined is about equal to EOS in terms of size and areas to explore. This game is still a very linear experience.
  • Planet scanning is back but improved and more in line with ME3 than the original ME2 game. They have added more to the hub worlds instead of giving planets to explore. The Presidium and Wards from ME1 have been added with obvious environmental changes from the aftermath of ME1. Parts of Omega that was cut from the base game has been added to the remaster.
  • They have also added a bit more to the ending of the game. Any romance interest you have assuming they are still alive will be able to have a physical in person goodbye with Shepard before the final mission.


The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster has not been officially announced yet, but it has been rumored for some time.

Source: PSU

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