New Signs Point To Possible Fable Xbox Announcement

The intention to use the brand reinforces the idea of ​​Fable’s return – a Fable announcement might be in the pipeline.


The return of the legendary Fable saga seems more and more likely. A few days ago, rumors about a new Fable game and another one from Perfect Dark were unleashed when two accounts on Twitter with the names of each franchise were activated, but Aaron Greenberg of Xbox was quick to deny that the activation of these accounts meant something relevant.


However, a registration of the Fable brand by Microsoft has appeared, showing intention of use by the company in the section reserved for it. Also, remember that Playground Games, parents of Forza Horizon 4 and other previous installments, is the studio that sounds the strongest for this fourth installment of Fable, which could well debut on Xbox Series X.


Will we have new news of this supposed Fable 4 in July? It is possible, since Microsoft intends to send us monthly news with its Xbox 20/20 initiative. The date we should pay attention, according to various sources, is the week of July 20, designated days on which the next Xbox Series X event could take place.


Meanwhile, Xbox has it all set for its Summer Game Fest. The long-awaited digital meeting will take place from July 21 to 27, and will allow testing up to 100 demos of Xbox One games, more than 60 of them totally new.


With a little luck, in addition to Fable above, maybe other great, new titles will be revealed soon…

Source: 3DJuegos

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