Team Fortress 2 Classic Is Finally Coming Out Expanded

It wasn’t today that Team Fortress 2 came out, despite its strong player base, many want the nostalgia – Team Fortress 2 Classic is for them.

A lot of players feel that although they love it and continue to play Team Fortress 2, the iconic shooter has lost something of itself over the years. So the modder team Eminoma started developing TF2 Classic for them, which aims to restore the state of the game in the late 2000s. Many said it was the golden age of the game. There was already a testable version of the mod in 2015, however, development then seemed to stop.

Luckily, the game reappeared this year, and now a full version has arrived!


What has changed in TF2 Classic? Let’s see:

Team Fortress 2 Classic is a re-imagining of the 2008-2009 era of the original Team Fortress 2, of which is what we consider the “Classic Era”, featuring old features that were scrapped and worked upon, or new content such as new weapons and gamemodes. Such gamemodes consist of original core TF2 gamemodes ranging from Capture the Flag to Special Delivery, our own additions such as VIP and Domination, or even the addition for two new teams in several existing modes. Deathmatch has been split off from TF2 Classic, and is now being developed as standalone game titled ‘Team Deathmatch Classic.’


TF2 Classic comes with the new “Death & Taxes” update, which has tons of new weapons, an original game mode, improved bot AI and much more for players.

Eminoma has promised to continue to support TF2 Classic with future updates.


Team Fortress 2 Classic is now available for download on PC. The installation of the mod requires a few steps, but if we have them, TF2 Classic will even be able to run directly from Steam.

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