Two Xbox One Models Face The End Of Manufacturing!

Due to the Xbox Series X (and the unannounced Xbox Series S/Lockhart) is the reason why Microsoft is partially shutting down the production of the currently available Xbox models. Meanwhile, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get extra from this autumn.

The Redmond-based company announced that two of the three currently available Xbox One models will no longer be manufactured. The Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (the one that has no Blu-ray drive – this idea was used by Sony for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition) sees the end of the road, while the Xbox One S will still be manufactured.

„As we ramp into the future with [the] Xbox Series X, we’re taking the natural step of stopping production on [the] Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

[The] Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally. Gamers can check with their local retailers for more details on Xbox One hardware availability,” a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge. So you can still find an Xbox One X or an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (which thus needs an Internet connection due to no disc drive) in stores, just look around for them before they sell out.

Also, Microsoft announced that those who pay for the higher tier subscription, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will get an extra service from September for no additional cost. The Project xCloud will also join the service, allowing them to play with nearly one hundred million Xbox Live players on a smartphone or a table. Over a hundred Xbox Game Pass titles will be available from the cloud, including Halo Infinite.

They added that „in the next couple of years,” the first-party (Xbox Game Studios) titles will all be playable on both Xbox Series X and Xbox One. „It is our intent for all Xbox One games that do not require Kinect to play on Xbox Series X at the launch of the console. [Most of these games] will load faster and look and perform many times better,” the company said.

The Xbox Series X is out this Holiday season – probably in mid-November. The pricing is yet to be announced.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu

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