Microsoft: Gears Tactics Is Coming To Xbox This Fall

The turn-based strategy game in the Gears of War saga has been kept exclusively for PC for the time being.

Gears Tactics has turned out to be a great joy for fans of the Gears of War brand and others alike, who were all able to enjoy a successful production and a game away from third-person shooting on PC in early 2020. When will Xbox One users be able to try it? It seems that they will not have to wait long: its premiere will take place in the fall. The Coalition has confirmed this in a recent streaming with representatives of Unreal.



It had been months since it was known that the game would end up coming to consoles, but details of the premiere had not been specified until now. They also explained that they intended to take the video game visually and performance-wise to the maximum in all versions of Xbox One and Xbox Series X, so it seems clear that players of the new generation of Microsoft will have no problem experiencing the new Splash Damage game.



It will be necessary to wait for a new announcement in the coming weeks that will help to find out about a more specific release date, but everything seems to indicate that no surprises are expected with the launch of the software on Xbox consoles. The title has hit the stores on April 28, garnering good reviews and presenting a story based on the events experienced in the beginning of the legendary Gears of War on Xbox 360.


Microsoft is preparing a big event for Xbox Series X next Thursday. Will the Gears of War saga have any participation in it? And the new Gears Tactics console version? We’ll soon find out!

Source: 3DJuegos

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