PS5 VS XSX – PS Demo Kiosk And State of Play Event?

Pin the 6th of August in your calendars because it really looks like Sony wants to show us something else – PS5 VS XSX infos coming up.


The State of Play event, which was rumored for August, is slowly giving birth to an exact date, it looks like we now know exactly when the next PS5 event will be. According to Roberto Serrano, an insider who has previously confirmed the console reveal event on June 11, Sony is preparing for another big launch on August 6th. Even the exact time was given by the gentleman: the broadcast is supposed to take place at 1PM PT, on Thursday. Serrano is extremely confident about his leak, he says we should pin the date in our calendar.



The rumor and leak also coincide with the other rumor that Sony is preparing for a second event in August. Jeff Grubb, who has already broadcast on several of such events, claims that it has been known since at least since the beginning of June that another State of Play awaits us in August. According to other sources, Sony has deliberately withheld games from its June 11 reveal to hold them for August.



It’s worth noting that it was also Serrano who spread the word that Sony will soon open up the possibility of pre-ordering and reveal the price of the machine, which in turn didn’t happen in the end. By the way, Serrano’s date coincides with the time the console was revealed, the event that was also held at that time, Thursday, June 11th.


It will also be good if Sony starts trying, because, despite all its exclusive games, Microsoft is probably unsettling PS fans now with its confidence about the upcoming generation: the Redmond giant’s troops have already lined up, and now we can expect a brutal counterattack from Xbox Series X on Thursday – according to Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox department. The second front of the next-gen information war will soon open, as so far only Sony has aimed and shot its weapons into the sky, but now with the expected introduction of Halo Infinite, Microsoft will also deploy its soldiers. It’s almost certain that Spencer was telling the truth, and they’re also made plenty of long-missed exclusives. A lot of people were afraid we’d fall asleep during the Xbox event, but it’s worth paying attention to – who knows what MS has been up to so far! Plus, they confirmed on official channels that instead of all sorts of hardware and other info, the games themselves will finally be shown, so both sides have reason to get excited. (Of course, this may also mean that the price of the XSX won’t be revealed right now, but so be it.)



So Sony’s August counterattack will probably be a response to this Thursday’s Microsoft event and will be virtually the PlayStation 5’s first major action after Sony lets go of its current-generation machine with the release of its last PS4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima. We don’t know yet what Sony is up to, whether we’ll see the new dashboard or even more games will be unveiled, maybe it’s about services coming to the machine or new tweaks. We do not know. In any case, Mark Cerny from Sony promised us an earlier disassembly of the console, with which Sony has remained indebted to the audience until now. And it would be nice to see the machine in live now, rather than just on (probably) rendered videos. So far, we’ve only seen minor details from the console’s turn-on animation, and now, of course, everyone is waiting for the pre-orders to open and the final price.


At the same time, fans are reporting that Sony has begun setting up demo kiosks in various stores. This also gives skeptics hope: Sony has not disappeared with the PS5, nor has Microsoft with the Xbox: the war is only just beginning! All of this could be the start of the PS5’s first major marketing attack: some have already discovered the PS5 page on Amazon’s, and now demo stations are being built, just like with the release of the PlayStation VR in 2016. However, if Sony also plans to allow gamers to publicly try out the PS5 before its release, it will be hard to go by. COVID-19 is rampant in many countries, so it simply cannot take place there, only in certain countries. Aware of this, packing a huge crowd into a small room just to play or see the new PS5 there doesn’t seem like a great idea. So all this is exciting, it would be, only, unfortunately, the realities of real-life intervene…


Anyway… One more sentence about the alleged State of Play: even if Serrano’s info is true, don’t expect an official announcement from Sony yet: their previous event was announced less than a week before the event, so it’s better if we expect nothing before July 31st.

What do you think? Will there be a console war, or is it already in the air?

PlayStation or Xbox?

Source: DualShockers, PlayStation LifeStyle

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