„If The PlayStation 4 Flopped, It Could Have Been The End Of PlayStation!”

A former Sony executive’s comment has revealed a lot about Sony‘s mindset between 2006 and 2013.

VGC had the opportunity to view a documentary called The PlayStation Revolution before its release. We have to wait until September 7 to see it. In it, we will hear how the PlayStation 3 had an awful start (in short: the Cell CPU was hard to program, and the console was thus too expensive, not to mention how it was at a year of a disadvantage versus the Xbox 360). This essentially cornered Sony.

„It [2006-2013] was definitely a difficult period because a lot of work had to be done to turn around the technical deficit and the monetary deficit created by the launch of this extraordinary piece of hardware [of the PlayStation 3].  The PlayStation that emerged at the end of [the] PlayStation 3 was a much more gritty, determined, focused entity – and I’m not saying this from a personal perspective, but from a corporate perspective – than the much more hubristic organisation at the beginning of the PlayStation 3 era.

I think even we were surprised by just how rapturous the reception was for [the] PlayStation 4 because it was a kind of redemption as well. We’d been through the fire with [the] PlayStation 3 and now everything was on the line. We had to get this right and if we didn’t, it could’ve been the end,” Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Sony’s strategic content division head in the UK until 2015, said.

He added that the PlayStation 4-launching team was far more „humble, passionate, and excited.” And they have redeemed themselves indeed. But the PlayStation 3 had the double-edged sword: strong hardware demands the customer to pay up, but if there’s not enough interest, it’s a loss. If you sell it at a loss, and you don’t get enough sales, you lose even more!

Source: PSL

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