Project Oxygen: A Zeppelin To Survive – Subnautica x Death Stranding?

In the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Project Oxygen was revealed for the first time.

PSU might have been the first site that talks about Project Oxygen, which will be a survival game. The Earth will suffer from a lot of storms, and you will have to use a customizable zeppelin to survive the tough situations. The game is developed by Far From Home Games, which has members who previously worked on Dying Light, the Dead Island series, and Divinity: Original Sin. (So we have ex-Techland and ex-Larian Studios members. The former group is currently working on Dying Light 2, while the latter is doing Baldur’s Gate III, respectively.)

The game doesn’t have a lot of information, but it sounds promising: it is „an ambitious first-person adventure set in a future where humanity has failed, storms plague the Earth, and life on the planet’s surface has evolved into something… new.” You will discover the world with the zeppelin, which will be your airbase, and that will contain everything you need in Project Oxygen, including transportation needs, life support, storage and a research laboratory.

Going by this, it feels like Project Oxygen is a combination of Metro’s survival elements fuzed with Dying Light’s horrific creatures, but possibly not zombies. The game is likely in an early stage of development, so aside from an image, that is effectively all we know – it’s still a refreshing title after the tons of multiplatform AAA titles.

Project Oxygen has no release date yet, and it’s in development for PlayStation 5. The website says it’s going to be an AA+ title, so somewhat smaller than an AAA game. It’ll use Unreal Engine 4, and it „will be launched in a premium model on major consoles and PC.” That sounds like a mistranslation from Polish to English.

Source: PSU

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