PlayStation 5 updates its official accessories website with new 360-degree views

And no, the DualSense controller does not have rear buttons, as already seen in mid-July.

Anyone would say that it is just a few months before the new generation of consoles begins. And we still do not know the price or the date of departure of the new hardware, including PlayStation 5, although we have seen its range of official accessories, along with the new DualSense controller. Now, for those who want to take an in-depth look at the console’s peripherals, PlayStation has updated the product sheets with new 360-degree samples of each of the products.

As can be seen on the PlayStation 5 accessories website, the company now offers a round view of each of its products. And no, the new DualSense control on the console does not have rear buttons of any kind, in case anyone had any doubt after the demonstration of the control at the Summer Game Fest. The controller tab also reviews some of its new functions, for those who did not already know them, such as the haptic response that simulates sensations to the touch, the adaptive triggers, or the integrated microphone, among other things.

But this is not the only official accessory for the console, as we saw in the PlayStation 5 presentation trailer, and the website also offers a 360-degree look at products such as the Pulse 3D wireless headset, with a stylish design and prepared to take advantage of the 3D audio from the new Tempest sound engine built into PS5. The same goes for the HD Camera on PS5, which records at 1080p, or the new Media Remote similar to those for television, both with separate 360-degree videos for those who want to witness them from all angles.

We remind you that this week there will be a new State of Play with third-party PS5 games, as well as PS4 titles, although the company has made it very clear that it will not offer important news from the console. For its part, and as a result of knowing the financial results of Sony and its more than 112 million PS4 consoles sold, in Bloomberg, they affirm that the next announcement about PS5 will take place in August, where it would not hurt to know the date and the price of the console as fall is coming. Until then, here are all the announcements and trailers for the PS5 event in June.

Source: PlayStation

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