Not Only Spider-Man Makes Marvel’s Avengers Better On PS [VIDEO]

In addition to Spidey, there will be other benefits to the PlayStation version – that’s what the new trailer from Marvel’s Avengers reveals.


The relationship between Marvel’s Avengers and the community is being somewhat complicated. It was not easy for them to get a hold of the fans in their announcement, and just when it seemed that after a lot of work they were beginning to gain the sympathy of many, the announcement of Spider-Man as an exclusive PS4 hero turned everything upside down, causing all kinds of complaints and opinions widely divided among the community.

But these commercial agreements between Square Enix and PlayStation do not end there at all, so the publisher has presented a trailer with all the advantages that PS4 players will enjoy exclusively, for now. Starting with the beta, which is now available on the Sony console for those who have pre-ordered the game, and which will reopen its doors to all players on the same platform next week, seven days earlier than on Xbox One and PC.



On top of that, there will also be “Exclusive Community Challenges” every month until September 4, 2021 – the time when exclusivity expires. They can also get legendary outfits through the internal store 30 days before they reach the rest of the platforms, and you can already see some of them in the video in question.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available September 4 on PS4, PC and Xbox One; with a view to reaching the next generation of consoles as well. Their heroes will be free, including Hawkeye, although as you can see we will also find costumes and other paid content.

Source: 3DJuegos

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