The First Quake Is Free for users

Free games for the weekend – that never hurts.

QuakeCon at Home – sorry, „QuakeCon” has already started, and we previously discussed its full schedule. The Bethesda event that has almost nothing Quake-related, tries to bring attention to itself in one way or another, as id Software’s iconic FPS, the 1996-released Quake, has become a freebie.

However, not on Steam. It’s available via the launcher, as nowadays, every AAA publisher has to have its unique digital store and respective launcher. (Activision Blizzard:, Ubisoft: UPlay, Electronic Arts: Origin…) It’s not as big as Call of Duty: Warzone (which is now over 200 gigabytes… and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War could push it even higher…).

The 54 MB game (remember, 25 years ago, there were no 4 TB hard drives or Blu-ray discs…) might not immediately show up in your library. If it happens, log out, log in again, and it should be there. Turn the mouselook on, though – just type +mlook in the console to enable it.

Somewhat unrelated, but F1 2018 has also become free for a few days on Humble Bundle. It’s not the newest game, but you can at least use the Denuvo-free exe leak over the original legally with it – it would get rid of the ridiculous lags and terrible performance, caused by the unnecessary DRM.

Time for the usual chorus: have fun with the two games…

Source: PCGamer

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