Genshin Impact: Will You Be Able To Own A House?

The head of the development team talked about the fact that over time, this element could also be included in miHoYo’s Genshin Impact.


If you like RPGs, you have probably followed the development of Genshin Impact to a lesser or greater extent. The new miHoYo game, which will be free to play with microtransactions, will be released on September 28 for PC, mobile devices, and later it will do so for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A short month before its release Forrest Liu, the company’s co-founder, shared new information.

In a recent interview, Liu explained that Genshin Impact will receive regular updates, significantly expanding its content. In fact, the manager affirmed that they have different ideas to enjoy more of the cooperative and social experience of the game, to keep it alive.

These intentions translate, according to what Liu said, in that the game could be updated with a housing and agriculture system, in addition to other activities to carry out with other players. He also commented that it is very possible that more characters and stories will arrive, and different new mechanics. It will be interesting to see how this open world unfolds.

The co-founder recounted how the development of the title began. According to Liu, miHoYo “constantly strives to do something different and exciting,” and they embarked on this adventure because the team wanted to create something that they themselves would play all the time. He also expressed that, although the game will have micropayments, these will not be as aggressive as in other titles.

A few days ago the Chinese company has opened a page to pre-register in the game and players who do so, before launch, will get interesting rewards. In fact, more than one and a half million users around the world have already done so.

Source: 3DJuegos

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