Even The Devs Were Surprised By The Success Of Black Myth: Wu Kong’s Reveal

Game Science did not expect such an outpouring of support about their game.

We talked about this Chinese game studio’s game yesterday. It’s going to be based on Wu Cheng’en’s Journey to the West, and it might be such a surprise as another game that has been in development for a while (Lost Soul Aside). But back to this third-person action-RPG, Feng Ji, the founder of Game Science, shared his thoughts on Weibo about the extremely positive feedback. They were translated on the ResetEra forums . Weibo is Tencent’s equivalent of Twitter, as – along with Facebook, YouTube, or… even Google – the site is blocked in China.

Feng Ji said he wanted to expand the development team and recruit more people, but he wasn’t able to do so or at least struggled when it came to expanding the team. He just wanted to create an honest trailer solely for recruiting more employees, and thus, he didn’t expect to be praised as an industry saviour. However, he knows that there are a lot of rough aspects that can be seen in the thirteen minutes of gameplay.

The animation of the NPCs or smaller characters seem to be weak, and the way the water in the trailer reacted was bad (it lacked fluid physics or any sort of feedback like when someone stepped into it). The sound depth and its implementation were also called poor. He also said that the frame rate during the 1000-enemy Musou sequence caused them PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome). He also said something about how the fur implementation – in comparison to hairless skin – was shabby.

Feng Ji knows many people are currently depressed and he’s happy to provide some comfort with this video, and his studio is also happy about the game reveal’s explosive response, but they aren’t letting it get to their heads. Then, going extremely humble, he said that we should forget what they have shown until now, as it doesn’t necessarily represent their best work, and they want to improve, which is why they will now disappear to work more on the game.

Black Myth: Wu Kong has no release date or target platforms outside the PC at the moment.

Source: DualShockers

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