An Artwork Popped Up With King Shark From A Cancelled Batman Game

We like this design of the peculiar villain from the world of Batman even more than the King Shark of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.


A few weeks ago the new games based on the DC universe were officially presented. After many years of waiting, not one, but two titles were announced. On the one hand, Rocksteady is dealing with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and, on the other, Warner Bros Montreal is working on Gotham Knights, a game starring the students of the Dark Knight.

They have been many years off and probably projects that have remained in drafts and have ended up being cancelled. With the years of rumors without new news, we could assume that some game was left in limbo. Now, thanks to the illustrations published by an artist, we know the reality. Jerad S. Marantz has uploaded to his Instagram account a series of illustrations of Batman and King Shark that belonged to a “cancelled video game”.



The creative does not specify what game it was or what studio was in charge. But it seems clear that there were intentions for Batman to star in a new video game after having achieved glory with the Arkham saga. In the end, it has not been like that and in Gotham Knights, the superhero with the cape is considered dead and in the Rocksteady game, which does take place in the same universe, his presence has not been mentioned so far.

Precisely, King Shark is the protagonist in the new Suicide Squad video game, which will hit stores in 2022. Perhaps the design in these illustrations of the cancelled project should be compared with the one in the trailer of the new Rocksteady project:



Which one do you like better? Write in the comment!

Source: 3DJuegos

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