Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Next-Gen Version

505 Games keep making a fool out of itself with the paid Control: Ultimate Edition upgrade…

At the moment, 505 is the only publisher that does not want to offer a free upgrade for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners of Control for the next console generation. Even 2K (=Take-Two) is going to offer a free upgrade, as they announced with Gearbox Software that within the same console family (PlayStation 4 > PlayStation 5, Xbox One > Xbox Series), the upgrade of Borderlands 3 will be free, and you will also have access to the DLCs you bought, and the save file can be continued, too.

Borderlands 3 will run in 4K resolution at 60 FPS frame rate in single-player on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (just there?), plus it will introduce three- and four-player split-screen cooperative play on these consoles as well as the Xbox Series S. If you play the game with just one friend, you can either choose to have a horizontal or a vertical split-screen. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will get the vertical option shortly in a free update. Cross-platform play is also arriving in 2021.

There will be DLC for Borderlands 3 later this year, and even though the next one „won’t look like the campaign downloadable content of the now-complete Season Pass,” it will bring a new game mode, one new skill tree for each Vault Hunter, and new Action Skills. FL4K’s new skill tree will be the Trapper (more details here), emphasising the shields and survivability for both FL4K and their pet. The new Action Skill (Gravity Snare) is a throwable trap that tosses enemies into the air, who then slam on the ground, and it interrupts their attacks as well.

FL4K’s new pet, the Hyperion Loaderbot, depending on the skill tree, can be built into several versions: the range-based ION Loader fires slow-moving projectiles can be shot to create powerful shock novas, the BUL Loader charges enemies and knocks them into the air with its shield (or just roundhouse kicks them like Chuck Norris), and the WAR Loader packs an incendiary shotgun, can toss grenades, and unleashes homing missiles on command.

Borderlands 3 is thus coming to the next-gen consoles.

Source: Gematsu

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