Is Sony Planning To Buy Bluepoint Games?

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is planning to acquire the king of remakes and remasters.

ResetEra has someone claiming that Sony is close to finalizing a deal to acquire Bluepoint Games to join the SIE fold. The team recently released the Demon’s Souls remake (which got help from SIE Japan Studio), and we should expect an announcement soon, according to the post, which claims that this game was meant to be a final test, and Sony seems to be convinced that they would be a good first-party developer, although they will likely continue to be in a technical support role outside making remakes/remasters.

The person behind the post bases all this on a couple of sources close to Bluepoint, although ResetEra’s forum mods weren’t able to confirm the information. However, the post hasn’t been deleted, so something might happen… unless the banhammer strikes shortly, which could happen.

„Nowadays, more and more consumers are choosing monitors instead of TVs to play console and PC games. For these users, the lack of QHD resolution output support is a hindrance. MSI has heard the voices of these consumers and provided a relatively good solution. We designed an exclusive Console Mode for the consoles, which can automatically accept 4K signals on QHD monitor, and support HDR simultaneously. This gives you the best gaming experiences and allows you to enjoy console games even with a QHD monitor,” MSI’s press release reads.

They just announced a new Console Mode for several monitors that would allow the PlayStation 5 to get across the 1440p hurdle, as the console doesn’t support this resolution natively. MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR, Optix MPG341CQR, Optix MPG341CQRV, Optix MAG342CQR,

Optix AG321CQR – these curved monitors support it. Prestige PS321QR, Optix MAG274QRF-QD, Optix MAG274QRF – and these are flat monitors. The upcoming MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR, which MSI touts as the world’s first 1000R ‘AI’ monitor featuring 3440×1440 resolution, 1ms response time, HDR400, will also support it.

So Sony has plans, as well as monitor makers that get across the 1440p bridge. There’s just one more thing: a fan got a PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, even though he ordered a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition! He’s not complaining…

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech, DualShockers

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