Will Street Fighter VI Be A Cross-Gen Title?

Capcom hasn’t even announced the next chapter in the Street Fighter series, but via the ransomware attack, it got revealed to the public.

We previously discussed the attack and the data that leaked out because of it, but other details have slipped out, too: this tweet previously showed two images from a leaked email before Twitter removed them due to a copyright claim. It talked about the next instalment of Street Fighter.

Street Fighter V launched in February 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC, and it slowly expanded over time (as the launch version was somewhat abysmal content-wise, let’s put it bluntly). Xbox One? No, they were left out due to the exclusivity deal with Sony, so the newest Street Fighter on Microsoft’s consoles would be Ultra Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360 at the moment. However, according to the leaked email, it seems that Street Fighter VI would be cross-gen, so not only the PlayStation 5 and the PC would get it but the PlayStation 4 as well, not to mention the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S, and the Xbox One.

It would have been released in 2021, seeing how the winner of Capcom Cup 2020 did not automatically qualify for the 2021 event… but the coronavirus global pandemic and the development issues have pushed the game back possibly to 2022. (Not to mention how Yoshinori Ono, essentially the head of Street Fighter, left.)

„[…] I can mention I know the reason for the unexpected Street Fighter V season pass. The most basic gist of it is Street Fighter VI was supposed to release next year, but it was not received well internally or with testers, there’s this team mechanic the game was too focused on, the director (who was Ono) got demoted again. Someone else put in charge to “fix” it with an additional year in development, and the new season pass is to buy time for that,” the email read. However, Ono announced a departure from Capcom, not a demotion.

Still, it’s not official, but if the emails were copyright stricken, there might be some truth behind it all. We just have to see how much the series will change without Ono’s involvement.

Source: WCCFTech

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