The PlayStation 5 Scalper Group Exaggerates Its Figures

The scalper group called CrepChiefNotify has taken thousands of Xbox Series X units away from the customers, only to resell the new hardware for double or triple the price, as the unfortunate wouldn’t be able to buy one.

CrepChiefNotify, the scalper group located in the United Kingdom, has been discussed by us several times in the recent weeks, but now, one of the crew members has reportedly contacted VGC to tell the site that they overblow the figures on purpose.

The group is either overestimating its stock, or it’s purposely exaggerating its claims to attract more members, who pay a subscription fee each month to stay in the group. „I can tell you for a fact that they straight-up lied about their Xbox success today. Either that or they are assuming at least 50 per cent of members managed to buy a console,” the member who plans to cancel their subscription said, accusing CrepChiefNotify of overstating the resale value of the products that its members obtain, which, according to the anonymous person, is „misleading and in effect false advertising.”

Meanwhile, CrepChiefNotify claims: „Our members are finding it easy to buy these consoles. If you’re struggling and complaining about getting one, the simple answer is to join the rest and secure yours through our group.” They casually left the subscription pricing out of the comment.

Whatever happens, the retailers should slowly start fighting back, as one of them has already done by cancelling orders – we talked about this before. It’s not even artificial scarcity, which is something that Nintendo has previously done with the NES and SNES Classic.

Let’s hope that the scalpers will see the consoles stay with them unsold, which would make them eat the good old humble pie. We’ll see.

Source: PSL

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