Control: Ultimate Edition: When Will The Next-Gen Upgrade Launch? [VIDEO]

Finnish Remedy Entertainment has done the right thing to not push out Jesse Faden’s next-generation update to the stores as fast as possible.

Then again, Control: Ultimate Edition was previously planned to arrive by the end of the year on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, but the Finns decided to push the upgrade over to next year (even though they have somewhat screwed those PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners over who got the base game and the season pass, as those are not enough to acquire the next-gen upgrade for free…).

However, Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games (the publisher) now announced when Control: Ultimate Edition will be available digitally and in retail. (Similarly to Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, the retail version will arrive at a later date.) First, the digital version will be available via the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store from February 2, and a month later, from Match 2, the physical retail version will also become available. By that point, the Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco might die down, and this period should give the Finns plenty of time to provide a quality next-gen upgrade.

They also released a teaser trailer to not just give us two dates and nothing else. This video showcases Performance Mode and Graphics Mode. The former is preferring the frame rate over graphical quality, so expect it to have a stable sixty frames per second, while the Graphics Mode enables ray tracing with the cost of the frame rate dropping to thirty frames per second. So Remedy is following the trend here (and it’s a good idea – they can experiment via Sam Lake, the face of Max Payne and the writer of the team, in their upcoming games…).

So if you have a next-gen console, you still have to wait at least 1.5 months to get Control’s upgraded version.

Source: Gematsu

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