A Super Nintendo World Tour With Shigeru Miyamoto [VIDEO]

Miyamoto, one of the pillars of Nintendo, gave us a glimpse of Universal Studios Japan’s land, which will shortly expand with Super Nintendo World.

If we had to quickly recap what we can see in the fifteen-minute video below, we’d simply say that it’s a heaven for Nintendo’s fans. The park is incredible, and there are a ton of easter eggs that were designed into its area, giving the visitors plenty of activities to complete and explore.

For example, there is a pipe that leads the park goers to the lobby of Peach’s castle, while familiar music can be heard from Super Mario 64. There’s also an interactive element. If you get one of the Power-Up Bands (which seems to work similarly to an Amiibo), you can link it to your phone. Then, if you get around, trying to find secrets in the area with activities such as hitting blocks around. That will give you a coin in the app.

There are a staggering 170 secrets and activities in the area, so if you are a maximalist, you will be busy for a while. Other interactive activities change the world around you. For example, you can combine a Koopa shell with the POW blocks. There is also an underground portion that changes your perspective, and there’s also a showdown with a big Bob-omb. The fact that even Miyamoto enjoys it is the icing on the cake. Super Nintendo World will open on February 4 in Japan, and later, it might show up in other parks around the world.

Miyamoto has also revealed to The New Yorker that his kids were SEGA fans! „They played a lot of Sega games, too, by the way. [It didn’t make me] jealous so much as inspired to try harder, so that they preferred the ones I made. They liked driving games. Out Run. They also played a lot of Space Harrier,” Miyamoto said. That’s surprising, but it seems his children inspired him to work harder.

However, since then, SEGA has left the console market.

Source: VG247, VG247

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