Cyberpunk 2077 Runs Surprisingly Well On a Nintendo Switch [VIDEO]

Then again, you have to tinker around a bit, but the result is far more stable than on a base PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One.

Under this paragraph, you can see CD Projekt RED‘s game that launched 1.5 weeks ago run on the Nintendo Switch. However, not in a native manner – the Polish studio doesn’t plan to release this first-person perspective RPG on the big N’s hybrid platform (which is unlikely to get a stronger, Pro model) unlike The Witcher 3. The user in the video runs Cyberpunk 2077 on Google Stadia, and if we dock the Switch, it can reach 1080p resolution, and in handheld mode, you can control it with the Joy-Con and the Pro controller. We need to add that a base Switch cannot run the game: it’s a hacked model that runs Android on it, and Stadia is accessible with this method.

The modders already started to work on the Poles’ game. The next video shows a mod that isn’t available yet, but it could happen in the future, as Cineagle is currently working on DIRT 5 and not Cyberpunk 2077. We have a third-person mod here, which is far from perfect – the animations are especially shoddy, but keep in mind that the Poles never designed the game to always run in a third-person mode due to the immersion. This is a basic concept for now, but the result could be outstanding. The mod is far from us, though.

VGC reports that CD Projekt RED (CDPR) boss Adam Badowski didn’t realize how Twitter works. If he liked a tweet, it can show up on his followers’ feed. He liked at least seven tweets that mostly criticised Sony for taking Cyberpunk 2077 off the PlayStation Store. One of the tweets suggested that the delisting was unnecessary. A second one mentioned that that no game is perfect and Sony should have just offered refunds while keeping the RPG accessible via the PS Store. A third one talked about how Sony is angry because of the refunds, and a fourth one asked why Sony didn’t give Marvel’s Avengers the same treatment.

We can also add that CDPR hinted at refunds first without consulting with the console manufacturers about it, which is why Sony and Microsoft got a ton of refund requests in no time, and the Poles seemingly pushed the blame on them due the console certification process, which is not the same as quality assurance. Badowski unliked all the tweets, but it’s too late now.

It’s hard to find words about all of this.

Source: VG247, JVL, PSL

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