Age Of Water: A Post-Apocalyptic Ocean MMO [VIDEO]

Expect a post-apocalyptic online adventure game by Three Whales Studio (whose name is fitting to the theme of the game…).

Gaijin Entertainment will be the publisher of Age of Water, and according to the current plans, it’s only planned for PC at the moment, and even then, it will be exclusive to the platform. You can register for the alpha tests on this website. „We believe that the bright visual style of Age of Water, as well as its unusual setting and high level of freedom, will appeal to the players that like exploring new worlds,” said Age of Water producer Yuri Miroshnikov in a press release.

Let’s see what the publisher’s overview is of this game: „Age of Water tells the story of a distant future when the Earth has been transformed into an ocean world. Residents live in cities built upon whatever urban structures remain above the water’s surface including skyscraper rooftops and giant statues. Take control of a motorboat and travel between settlements, fighting pirates, excavating the remnants of a lost civilization from the depths of the ocean and transport valuable goods whilst discovering whether the mythical land still exists.

In Age of Water, players will need to complete quests in solo or with friends, fight against AI-controlled enemies, gather valuable resources, profit from price differences between settlements and freely explore the high seas of the open world. Between adventures, they can upgrade their boats or build new ones from available hulls and components. For example, they can construct an armoured deckhouse and fill the deck with high-calibre machine gun turrets,” Gaijin Entertainment wrote.

Age of Water has no release date, but we have a question: how much of a chance will it stand against Sea of Thieves (Rare/Microsoft) and Skull & Bones (Ubisoft)? The answer could be Waterworld.

Source: Gematsu

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