Cyberpunk 2077: The 1.06 Hotfix Improves Console Performance Further

CD Projekt RED has worked until the last possible second before the holidays on their first-person perspective RPG so that it can run somewhat reasonably on the older consoles.

We can read on Cyberpunk’s website that Cyberpunk 2077 got a new patch, 1.06, which can be another hefty download for you. (On PlayStation 4, it’s around 16-17 gigabytes.) However, the patch notes do not have a lot of information for us, and we are not joking when we say that. Let’s quote verbatim what the Polish team wrote:

„Quests: Dum Dum will no longer go missing from Totentanz entrance during Second Conflict. Console-specific: Improved memory management and stability, resulting in fewer crashes. PC-specific: Removed the 8 MB save file size limit. Note: this won’t fix save files corrupted before the update.”

That’s it. So on consoles (PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Slim, Xbox One/Xbox One S, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, PlayStation 5 Standard Edition/PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S), we should see fewer crashes, but the new Sony and Microsoft consoles are somewhat bogged down by the current-gen versions, as the next-patch has not been released yet, and the PS4/X1 versions of Cyberpunk 2077 have some limitations even on the new hardware, no matter how we look at it.

At least CD Projekt RED has fixed the save corruption on PC, and 8 MB is not that big of a size, especially nowadays, but the unfortunate part here is that the already corrupt saves can no longer be fixed. What a shame.

So if you play the game on PC, you no longer have to worry about you getting and crafting a ton of items, as the save file will not glitch due to your maximalist approach. Better late than never.

Source:  WCCFTech

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