Are The DualSense Adaptive Triggers Breaking Easily?

The new controller might be having a faulty design, but it’s too early to judge – a new feature could be lost over time, though.

It’s been more than a month since the launch of the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, and the console had a few initial issues that Sony has to iron out (we mentioned these over November), Now, we can carve another potential flaw to the list. The players (the ones who were capable of acquiring a PlayStation 5 without scalpers getting involved…) complain about how the new console’s new controller, the DualSense, has flaws.

The problem lies within its adaptive triggers. One user was playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and during gameplay, they noticed that their R2 trigger snapped, and it became loose and unresponsive. Other users noticed that they similarly felt their R2 became less sensitive on their controller since the purchase. More than one thousand users have expressed disappointment about the DualSense, and this whole situation feels like a dejavu to us.

Throughout the year, we discussed the developments regarding a class-action lawsuit of the Nintendo Switch‘s detachable controllers, the Joy-Cons, as they tend to drift (it registers movement even without touching the analogue stick), and it launched a lawsuit in the United States, making Nintendo quickly offer free repairs for the issue. However, it is likely a design flaw, meaning the big N intentionally makes the Joy-Con’s life shorter than it should be, as dust particles can get into the controller itself.

Let’s hope that Sony did not design the DualSense in a way that it breaks quickly, forcing users to buy a new one solely over the responsive triggers. It could be a regular problem, but it also could be an initial issue and nothing more. Hopefully, the new units manufactured later will not have this problem.

Source:  GameRant

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