Cherry, the New War Veteran Movie With Tom Holland

MOVIE NEWS – The Russo Brothers have revealed more details about their upcoming film Captain America: Civil War, as they prepare to release the highly anticipated film starring Tom Holland as Robert Russo.

Tom Holland stars in the drama about a military veteran with extreme PTSD, and the Russos are working with Holland on the film, in which they will introduce him to the world as Robert Russo, the father of Captain America: Civil War.

The first shots of Cherry show Tom Holland’s character joining the US Army after his girlfriend’s split, and the drama will be different from anything MCU fans have seen so far. It’s only a minute of footage, but the final game is to see who is the perfect person to play the title role in Cherry.

„I think it’s absolutely amazing and I think it’s an Oscar-worthy achievement, but this film shows that it’s at the top of the MCU and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. That gave me a gut grimace,” Joe Russo said of Tom Holland’s performance as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The first trailer for Cherry, the third film in the series by Joe Russo and Chris Russo, will be released on Apple TV on March 12.

He continued: ‘What he did, both emotionally and physically, was incredible and I’m so proud of him.

I haven’t seen an actor in a long time in such a role, and to complement this epic performance, the film has endured for decades.

After initial rumors have circulated that the film will be released in more than a month, it looks as if Russo has had his wish granted. One thing I would definitely like to see in Oscar conversation, but I’ll have to wait and see.

In a new interview, Joe Russo explains what he and Anthony wanted to achieve with Cherry and what Cherry has achieved. Russo says: “The approach here was to do something really tonal, something that really challenged us. To achieve this goal, the director had to get creative and think of ways to convey this in a way he had not done in his previous films. Read more about the film below and what JoeRusso has to say about the film.

“The movie is broken into six chapters and each chapter is shot different with different lenses, different camera techniques, different styles, different music, different performances, and so every chapter was meant to reflect how he felt about that phase of his life. That was the complicated stew that you’re referring to, the movie travels quite a distance tonally.”

Cherry, who is loosely based on the novel of Nico Walker, is played by Tom Holland, who also starred in Captain America: Civil War. Holland is set to play his first major role in a Marvel film after playing Peter Parker in Sony’s MCU for more than a decade.


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