Is Grand Theft Auto Online On PlayStation 5 Getting An Updated Engine?

The standalone Grand Theft Auto Online might get a technical makeover on the new Sony console.

The following rumour has surfaced on GTAForums, so please bear in mind that nothing is official of the following, as nor Take-Two, neither Rockstar have confirmed anything about what we are about to say. Allegedly, Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest update’s code hides a hint at Rockstar potentially pushing GTA Online to an updated RAGE engine on the PlayStation 5. This technology was recently used in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The post by Tez2 is based on this string in the source code: rage::fwuiMessageBase. This wasn’t part of the code until the new update for Grand Theft Auto Online, but we also have to consider another scenario. The other option can be related to the user interface: what if GTA Online on the PlayStation 5 will take code from Red Dead Redemption 2 while keeping the gameplay on the same engine as the PlayStation 4 version? The cash cow GTA, however, also seems to hint at the character transfer between the game’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version (CHasCharacterToTransferDecisionPage string).

We don’t know when Grand Theft Auto Online will launch on PlayStation 5 (it’s potentially arriving this year, but due to uncertainty, it’s best to have doubts altogether), and it’s going to be important due to being a standalone title, meaning you will not have to own Grand Theft Auto V to play on PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Take-Two has not done such a thing: a free-to-play approach could be tested here. Until now, to play Grand Theft Auto Online or Red Dead Online, you had to pay for the game’s single-player. In return, the online component receives constant updates for several years.

Source: PSU

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